October 11, 2022

Now We’re Full of Beans and Loving It!

Beans are a wonderful, vegan source of protein. They are full of fiber—good for lowering cholesterol and pulling heavy metals out of the body—and lysine, an amino acid that repairs tissue. When made in a pressure cooker, beans provide a quick, easy homemade lunch or dinner. For even faster preparation, canned beans can be rinsed and used. Even if you are not a vegetarian, for those of us trying to eat more meatless meals, beans offer a delicious and satisfying alternative. Here are a few vegetarian and vegan recipes I’ve created that offer a variety of international flavors. Cuban Black […]
April 26, 2021

4 Tips for Picking Your Perfect Protein

Looking for a workout boost? Trying to manage your weight? While protein powders have many benefits, not all protein sources are the same. When pondering what type of protein source is right for you, there are a number of considerations: Are you looking to protein to boost muscle recovery or to manage weight? If it’s the former and you eat meat, whey protein is probably the right one for you. If you’re eating protein to cut pounds, consider a slower-digesting option, such as pea protein or casein. Next, decide if you like the idea of plant protein sources over those […]
September 22, 2020

Duckweed: A Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Based Protein

Lentein, derived from the duckweed plant, was already an impressive nutrient-dense plant-based protein source rich in amino acids and omega-3s. However, the fact that duckweed has naturally occurring vitamin B12 in bioactive forms makes the plant “a game-changer,” says Geoff Palmer, founder of Clean Machine, a sports nutrition company that uses lentein in its protein powder. A vegan bodybuilder and advocate for the plant-based athlete lifestyle, Palmer says the discovery of a plant-based B12 source will allow him to stop doing “the same thing that almost all vegans were doing, which is taking a synthetic vitamin B12.” The discovery completes […]
July 8, 2019

Pasture Prime: The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

I love good-quality beef, particularly grass-fed beef. In fact, when I think of typical American food, I think of steaks, hamburgers, roast beef and more. In the Philippines, where diets consist mostly of fish, pork and chicken, I was lucky enough to grow up in a household where we had access to beef. As a child, hamburgers and steaks were among my favorite foods. As I got older, I began to limit how much and how often I ate beef. Today, I restrict my meat eating to grass-fed, organic beef. Besides being delicious and versatile, beef is a powerhouse of […]
March 27, 2018

Chocolate…As a Protein Substitute?

“Is it true that when you’re craving chocolate it means you’re protein deficient? I heard that once and started eating more
May 9, 2017

Racking Up the Protein With Lamb

Protein is very important for strong muscles and bones. Lean protein helps achieve weight loss. I love meat—it has riboflavin, vitamin B12, tyrosine, and the FoodTrient zinc—but I enjoy it in moderation, which protects against cardiovascular disease. I also am careful about eating cured meats, which can aggravate joints and promote gout. Whenever possible, I use grass-fed beef over corn-fed beef because cows were created to eat grass, not corn. The meat from animals that graze grass—cows, lambs, or even buffalo—contains more of the good-for-you omega-3 fatty acids and less of the bad-for-you omega-6s. And I make sure I buy […]
April 11, 2017

Liquid Nutrition Drinks Cashing in on You?

There are several commercials on television right now extolling the virtues of liquid nutrition drinks and their important role in senior health.  These nutritional drinks can help boost necessary protein intake as well as other crucial vitamins and minerals.  But, do you really need to buy these expensive bottled drinks to ensure your health? I don’t think so and I’d like to offer a more economical solution. Liquid Nutrition Drinks:  Do You Really Need Them? On today’s market, there are several nutrition drinks out there aimed at seniors and those with diabetes – namely Boost, Ensure and Glucerna.  With the […]
March 27, 2016

The Bountiful Benefits of Boron

Boron is a trace mineral which is utilized in relatively small amounts in the body. Compared to minerals such as calcium and magnesium, boron and its benefits are not as well-known. Even though it’s a trace mineral, boron still possesses biological activity. A study at the University of Illinois quantified boron levels in 12 human tissue sites, including bone, skin, and muscle. The positive effects of boron became better known when Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw began reporting new research on the subject. Below we’ll touch on many of the roles boron plays in health. Boron Protects Your Bones A […]
February 9, 2016

5 Best Snacks To Get You Through Long Work Shifts

Whether you love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: 12-hour shifts make for a long day or night.