July 3, 2024

Senolytics Hold Promise for Delaying Old-Age Decline

New studies confirm how senescent cells accelerate old-age decline. Prestigious journals reveal marked regenerative improvements when senolytics are used to reduce the senescent cell burden. Published research conducted at the Mayo Clinic and other prestigious institutions is revolutionizing medicine. The impact of these findings is the potential to delay and reverse the adverse effects of aging. A major factor in old-age decline is the accumulation of senescent cells that: Impede Organ Function Create Chronic Inflammation Emit Protein-Destroying Enzymes Shorten Healthy Lifespan Compounds that circumvent this aging mechanism are called senolytics. “Seno” refers to old cells that secrete toxic chemicals. “Lytic” refers to their destruction. Senolytic compounds selectively destroy these old (senescent) cells. Several landmark studies on senolytic therapy have recently been published. They demonstrate that senolytics not only contribute to healthy […]