February 13, 2017

Some Condiments Can Make You Sick

High-protein foods like meat or seafood don’t contain much histamine when they are fresh, but the longer they are cured or stored, the more histamine they contain. When you think of histamine, you think of allergies and sneezing right? But histamine is actually a neurotransmitter and release is activated by any outside ‘invader’ such as pollen. We make histamine in our cells, then dump it out after exposure to a trigger. But we might also be eating histamine on a daily basis. By eating certain foods you unintentionally raise an ‘allergy’ chemical. Maybe you don’t mean to, but that’s what […]
April 27, 2011

Tangy Ginger Dressing

Ginger gives this dressing its flavor as well as amazing anti-inflammatory benefits and pain-reducing effects. It also relaxes muscles, increases circulation, and aids digestion. Buy the whole gingerroot, then peel or cut off about an inch of the rough skin. Grate only as much ginger as you need, and put the root back into the refrigerator, ready to be peeled and grated for the next dish. I use this dressing with my Green Tea Noodles with Edamame and over my Spinach and Grapefruit Salad. It works well with any mixed green salad. YIELDS about 1/4 cup Ingredients 1 Tbs. grated […]