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Apple Compound Helps Prevent Obesity in Mice

Researchers at the University of Iowa have found a positive effect for ursolic acid, found in apple peel, on preventing weight gain in mice. The findings were reported online on June 20, 2012 in the journal PLoS ONE. Associate professor of internal medicine Christopher Adams, MD, PhD and his colleagues fed mice a high fat diet and gave half of the animals ursolic acid for six weeks. Although the mice that received ursolic acid consumed more food than those that did not receive the compound, they gained less weight by the end of the treatment period. They also had greater skeletal […]

Milk Compound Protects Against Obesity

The June, 2012 issue of Cell Metabolism reports the discovery of

Rheumatoid Arthritis Now Thought Triggered by Obesity

Several of my patients have rheumatoid arthritis.  Most of them also have a little extra poundage than I would like them to have.  Many of them feel that it’s been their aching joints that have kept them from exercising more and so they have gained weight.  However, looking back at their records, in many cases their overweight preceded the onset of their RA by a few years.  It had always been my suspicion that, like other diseases, their obesity had somehow contributed to the development of their condition.  Now, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have backed up my suspicions.  I’d […]

Doctors To Screen Patients For Obesity?

I’ve always counseled my patients about the need to keep a healthy weight. It not only makes you look and feel better but it decreases your risk for serious diseases.   Many doctors, though, have shied away from telling their patients that they need to lose weight. Why? For one reason, patients tend to take comments about their weight very personally instead of seeing it as the health risk that it is.  Many doctors don’t want to insult their patients and/or make them feel bad about themselves in any way. For another reason, some doctors feel that nutrition and weight loss counseling is […]

Belly Fat a Greater Health Risk Than Obesity, Mayo Study Says

Here’s another reason to fret over a flabby stomach. A new study suggests that adults who aren’t technically overweight but have a lot of fat around their guts run a higher death risk than people who are obese. Conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., the study looked at people with normal body mass index scores who also fit the definition for “central obesity” — meaning they had a high waist-to-hip ratio. Normal-weight patients with a lot of belly fat, it turned out, had the highest death risks from cardiovascular disease and other causes, according to a […]

Obesity and Weight Loss

A startling 60 – 75% of the adult population in the United States is overweight or obese (American Heart Assc. 2012). Around the world, the prevalence of obesity has nearly doubled from 1980 to 2008 (Stevens 2012).

Anti-appetite Pill Could Trounce Obesity

Scientists have successfully tracked the molecule that conveys the fullness signal to the brain, saying it could be used to make a revolutionary anti-appetite pill. The molecule, known as acetate, is released into the bowels upon digestion of fiber, which abounds in plants and vegetables, Press TV reported. The molecule then travels to the hypothalamus region of the brain, which controls hunger. Such pill would also dispose of cravings. Unfortunately, processed food-rife in the modern-day diet – does not produce acetate when digested. Prof Jimmy Bell, of the Medical Research Council, Cambridge, who collaborated in the research, said, ”It is exciting we […]

Study Proves It: Salt and Obesity Linked To Premature Aging

If I told you that by cutting out that salty bag of chips or pretzels every day at lunch will help you live longer, would you believe me?  As hard to believe as that may be, it’s true. Too much salt in your diet has recently been found to be associated with faster cellular aging.  Let me tell you more about it… Slow Aging Simply:  Cut Salt Intake, Watch Weight A couple months ago, researchers at Georgia Regents University conducted a study on whether high salt intake contributed to cellular aging.   For their test subjects, they zeroed in on teenagers […]

‘Healthy Obesity’ Does Not Last, Says Study

People who are obese may appear healthy for a while but their condition declines over time, said a study that followed more than 2,500 people for 20 years. The research by scientists at University College London is the longest of its kind, and its findings support previous research that has shown people who are overweight face a higher risk of heart attack, stroke and some kinds of cancer than thin people as the years go on. For the purposes of the research, “healthy obesity” was defined as not having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or other metabolic risk factors. A total […]

Obesity Cure Simply Too Simple

Are you a Feaster, Emotional Eater or Constant Craver? If so, you are among an increasing number of obese people struggling with weight issues and the confusion caused by a wealth of diet and exercise advice, Robert Matthews writes. Obesity: huge problem, simple solution – eat less, exercise more. That’s it. But with more than half of the UAE population now struggling with weight issues, that message from health officials clearly is not working. This month, World Health Organisation statistics revealed that more than a third of men and almost half of women over 18 are not merely overweight, but clinically obese. That means they face much […]