December 5, 2017

The Beauty and Health Benefits of Biotin

You may have heard of biotin supplements for hair and nail growth. But does it work? And what is it anyway? This vitamin underdog is in fact a B vitamin – B7 – and is critical for other reasons lesser known but important to the body, hair growth aside. Why do we believe biotin creates silky locks? What else is it used for? Where do we find it? Read on to learn what you need to know about biotin. Medicinally, biotin is used for: ·         Treating biotin deficiency ·         Brittle nails ·         Diabetes ·         Peripheral neuropathy Biochemically in the human […]
June 3, 2014

All About Biotin

Biotin is part of the B vitamin family. Like the rest of its members, it plays a key role in the body’s metabolic processes. Mainly known for the benefits it confers to nails, biotin is needed for so much more. Deficiencies may lead to many health problems and can even be deadly. Biotin has also been called vitamin H, which stands for haar and haut – German words for hair and skin – where biotin deficiency often shows itself. Biochemist Dean Burk is credited as being one of the co-discoverers of biotin in the early 1930s. Biotin Deficiencies Happen Although biotin is made in the intestinal […]