November 14, 2016

Heart Can Be Boosted By Chocolate

One piece of dark chocolate a day could prevent heart disease and reduce insulin levels, scientists have discovered. Revealing further benefits of cocoa to the body, research found that chocolate increases “good” cholesterol when eaten in amounts of between 200 and 600 milligrams a day. The benefits depend on the amount of cocoa taken, making plain chocolate better than white or milk varieties. Experts who orchestrated the randomised controlled trials (RCTs) claim the study shows the “urgent need” for more research. Report author Dr Simin Liu, professor and director of the Centre for Global Cardiometabolic Health at Brown University, USA, […]
October 31, 2016

Ancient Grains May Lower Risk of Heart Problems

Eating bread made from trendy ancient grains such as spelt, barley or quinoa protects against heart disease, according to new research. The study shows eating bread made with ancient grains could help lower cholesterol and blood glucose — leading risk factors for heart attacks and strokes. The researchers said that compared to modern grain varieties, which are often heavily refined, ancient grains offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory profiles. They also contain beneficial vitamins (B and E), as well as minerals such as magnesium, iron and potassium which protect against chronic diseases. The Italian research team said the findings, published in the […]
April 13, 2012

Guard Your Heart, Bones, Memory With Vitamin K2

I frequently discuss the latest vitamin research with my patients to ensure that they are getting the maximum daily allowance.