October 12, 2023

A Brain-Specific Magnesium Relieves Stress

Chronic stress can be worsened by low levels of magnesium. A new form of magnesium has been shown to produce a brain-calming effect. In a 2022 report, the American Psychological Association noted that 73 percent of U.S. adults say they feel “overwhelmed by the number of crises facing the world right now.”1 Chronic stress has been linked to:2,3 Anxiety and depression Cardiovascular disease Obesity Menstrual problems Sexual dysfunction Gastrointestinal problems Hair and skin conditions People suffering from stress-related symptoms, depression, or anxiety often have low blood levels of magnesium.4 In a follow-up analysis of a clinical study, it was found that approximately 44 percent of participants screened for stress were magnesium deficient.5 Preclinical studies found […]