December 20, 2021

Holiday Fun With Sensible Drinking

It’s the holidays again and with them come all those holiday office parties, family get-togethers, and meeting friends for dinner and drinks.  It’s a season designed for fun and warm relationships with everyone you know.  Because of that, it’s also a time when many people are inclined to drink more alcohol than usual.  That’s why I’ve put together a list of 5 easy ways to stay healthy and get more fun out of your holidays by simply drinking more sensibly, or not at all! Let me explain what I mean. 5 Ways to Sensibly Manage Your Holiday Alcohol First of […]
July 17, 2018

Anti-Aging Properties of Super Antioxidant Resveratrol

For many of my patients the word “aging” is a dirty word they would prefer to avoid.  In fact, statistics show that as the flower children of the 70’s become senior citizens they are healthier, and have more active lifestyles than previous generations. New discoveries are continuing to increase life expectancy.  A hundred years ago, life expectancy was only about 47 years.  Today’s 50-something generation plans to live forever.  Although their visions of centenarian vitality may be a bit unrealistic, trends toward an energetic, vital and mentally vibrant living well past 100 has become a potential reality for some. Aging is […]
June 20, 2017

1 Alcoholic Drink A Day Increases Breast Cancer Risk

Just one glass of wine or other alcoholic drink a day significantly raises the risk of breast cancer, while vigorous exercise such as running and bicycling reduces it, according to an expansive review of research on the effects of diet, nutrition and physical activity on the disease. The report, which was issued Tuesday, concluded that drinking the equivalent of one small glass of wine, beer or other alcohol a day – about 10 grams of alcohol – is linked to an increased cancer risk of 5 percent for pre-menopausal women and 9 percent for post-menopausal women. A standard drink has […]
May 30, 2017

The Sardinian Diet: These Foods May Increase Your Lifespan

In Loma Linda, Calif., a community of Seventh Day Adventists has a life expectancy that’s nine to 11 years greater than that of other Americans. Another Blue Zone is Sardinia, Italy.  The Sardinan’s credit three very interesting food staples to good health and a longer life. Can The Sardinian Diet Increase Your Lifespan? If I tell you about cannonau, cazu marzu, pecorino sardo or carta musica, and how they could extend your lifespan by 6, maybe even 10, years, would you know what I was talking about?  Not likely, unless you’re a Sardinian who’s familiar with the typical diet eaten in this Italian-island culture off […]
March 10, 2015

Is Wine Really Healthy?

Scientific opinion has flip-flopped on the issue of alcohol consumption. While various religious groups – some of them known for their health and longevity – prohibit its use, other people are convinced of the benefits of alcohol, especially when it comes to wine. The “French Paradox” has become a cliché in regard to the relative healthiness and low risk of cardiovascular disease experienced by a population that consumes a significant amount of fat but drinks wine in moderation. However, it may be wishful thinking to attribute the health of the French to wine alone, as there are other French lifestyle factors […]
April 29, 2014

Resveratrol Improves Glucose Control In Diabetics

The results of a meta-analysis scheduled for publication in the June 2014 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicate that supplementing with resveratrol, a compound that occurs in red grapes and wine, could help improve glucose control and insulin sensitivity in men and women with diabetes without affecting glycemic measures in those without the disease. Researchers from Chongqing, China selected eleven randomized, controlled trials of resveratrol supplementation that included a total of 388 participants for their analysis.  Resveratrol dose ranged from 8 to 1500 milligrams per day for periods of two weeks to six months. Three of the trials involved diabetic subjects. […]