January 21, 2014

Block Center Takes Integrative Approach to Cancer

Block Center Takes Integrative Approach to Cancer The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment and Optimal Health  has been helping their patients find wellness for over 30 years. Based in Skokie, Illinois, the Block Center uses a many-pronged approach to healing. One of the cornerstones of their treatment approach is their Nutrition Program. Each patient gets a customized Nutrition Guide based on his/her specific health status and personal goals. Patients are also encouraged to adopt a regimen of taking vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements. They are given techniques for body conditioning and stress relief. They are given psychosocial support. And, […]
January 14, 2014

FDA Allows Untested Chemicals in Food

Why do Americans enjoy a lower quality of life and health than people in most other high-income nations? The answer may lie in the foods we eat. In countries like the United Kingdom, average life expectancy is 81 years, and 97% of the people say they are satisfied with the quality of their water. Or in Australia — voted two years in a row by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development as “The Number #1 Happiest Country in the World” – life is better for its citizens. One would think it would be a national priority to make sure […]