March 14, 2023

10 Rules To Lose Weight with Self-Love

I never expected myself to write this article because I feared the risks involved with even mentioning weight loss. This is a place of self-love, self-acceptance and wellness, and my number one priority is that you love yourself and your body no matter what shape or size it comes in. That didn’t stop the requests from my clients this January 2022. Inquiries poured in asking me to help them approach weight loss sustainably, holistically and mindfully. I stumbled with how to approach this delicate question, but realized I knew it better than most, firsthand. My experience with body dysmorphia and […]
December 28, 2022

11 Good Reasons To Practice Mindfulness

As a certified holistic wellness coach, there’s very little I haven’t tried in the field of health and wellness practices. With personal certifications in yoga, reiki, Hawaiian healing and meditation, there’s so much I can say I’ve gained from each one, but meditation is truly the practice that has taught me the most. The legend, Davidji, who trained and certified me to teach meditation says, “meditation is the act of watching the progressive fluctuations of the mind.” This description most accurately depicts mindfulness meditation; A form of meditation where one practices being conscious and aware of something. So, what about […]