September 25, 2018

Harmful Food Ingredients to Avoid at all Costs

In this economy, it’s even harder to eat healthy. Food prices are going up and our dollars are being stretched to
April 28, 2015

Diet Pepsi Dumps Aspartame, Good News?

The people have spoken. Diet Pepsi recently announced that they are dropping aspartame from its list of ingredients and replacing it with sucralose—but is this a good thing? With sales down 5% and a public more wary of aspartame, PepsiCo is making the change. An exhaustive number of studies have been done over the last 20-plus years that weigh in on both sides of the aspartame safety issue. Apparently, the public does not believe that aspartame is safe. Dr. Joseph Mercola has been blasting aspartame for the past 17 years, sounding the alarm about its harmful effecs. In fact, he […]