March 19, 2019

The Secret Life of Fat Is Exposed

The secret to losing 20 pounds? You have to work with your fat, not against it. You may not love your fat, but your body certainly does. In fact, your body is actually endowed with many self-defense measures to hold on to fat. For instance, fat can use stem cells to regenerate, increase our appetite if it feels threatened, and use bacteria, genetics, and viruses to expand itself. How can you succeed against odds like that? By using the latest scientific research. Author Sylvia Tara’s new book, The Secret Life of Fat, brings together cutting-edge research with historical perspectives to reveal fat’s true identity: an endocrine organ that, […]
October 10, 2016

How The Sugar Industry Shifted Blame To Fat

An article appearing on September 12, 2016 in JAMA Internal Medicine brings to light new information on an old topic—the role of diet in coronary heart disease (CHD). By investigating archival documents at the University of Illinois, researchers at the University of California San Francisco discovered that a review published in 1967 in the New England Journal of Medicine that pointed a finger at fat and cholesterol was funded by the Sugar Research Foundation, although this fact was not disclosed. (Full disclosure of all conflicts of interest concerning an article has been required by the New England Journal of Medicine […]
May 26, 2015

Harmful Trans Fat Ingredients Lurk In Supermarket Foods

A new analysis by Environmental Working Group has found that harmful artificial trans fatty acids lurk in more than 27 percent of more than 84,000 processed foods common in American supermarkets.  Another 10 percent contain ingredients likely to contain trans fat. EWG analysts used information from EWG’s Food Scores database and mobile app to determine which foods contained partially hydrogenated oils and other ingredients that harbor trans fat. The interactive, searchable tool rates more than 84,000 foods and 5,000 ingredients based on nutrition, ingredient and processing concerns. In most cases, the products’ trans fat content on the nutrition label doesn’t add up. The reason: an obscure […]