July 1, 2014

Just In…The Top 5 Powerhouse Nutrients!

“Nutrient profiling” isn’t really a new thing. Alternative health researchers as well as naturopath doctors have been doing it for decades.  Simply said, it’s the process of identifying which foods, vitamins, minerals, etc, pack the
May 6, 2014

This 1 Nutrient Prevents Hip Fracture Better than Calcium

You’ve heard that, as you get older, you need more calcium to protect your bones against fracture – especially disabling and, potentially deadly, hip fractures.  And, that’s true – especially if you’re a post menopausal woman.  But, it’s not the only mineral you need.  New research has found that magnesium may be better at protecting specifically against hip fracture than calcium in both men and women.  But, like most Americans, you likely are deficient in it, as nearly 75% of them are.  Here’s what you need to know about magnesium and your hips.