August 25, 2021

Some Sweet News for Paleo Dieters

By Jenny Ivy As the name suggests, Paleo diets generally fall in line with rules governing a prehistoric, or Paleolithic, lifestyle. In other words, if a caveman couldn’t access it or it’s not naturally occurring, it’s off the plate, so to speak, for Paleo dieters. Focused primarily on the consumption of real, unprocessed, non-packaged food (think lean meats, eggs, vegetable and limited quantities of fruits and nuts), the Paleo diet involves foods that are basic but nutritious. Grains, dairy, and processed foods are off the list, as are sugars – an oft-hidden staple of our modern diets. While other ingredients […]
February 16, 2021

5 Paleo Flours for the Holiday Season

Sticking to a paleo diet can be difficult during the holidays. Between pies, sweets and gluten-heavy dishes, paleo dieters are left with few indulgences at parties and feasts. Here are five paleo-friendly flours that can make awesome alternatives to traditional, carb- and gluten-heavy all-purpose flour. Almond flour Also known as almond meal, almond flour is made from skinned almonds that are ground into a fine flour that can be great for baking. Not only is this ingredient great for paleo dieters, it’s a readily available option for those abstaining from gluten or avoiding too many carbs. Almond flour maintains an […]