August 30, 2023

Do You Know What Your Ideal Diet Is?

Most nutritionists agree there is no one dietary pattern that’s ideal for everyone. In addition to your unique combination of genes, medical history, cultural and family background, taste preferences and daily living patterns, you apply your own set of values to your eating approach. Some people may focus on preventing or managing disease, others on protecting the environment, some on managing weight, others on enjoying what they eat and so on. Prioritizing what matters to you can help determine your eating style. The six dietary patterns discussed here have dominated headlines over the past few years. We’ve tapped nutrition experts […]
October 24, 2016

Paleo Diet: What It Is and How it Can Benefit You

Did you know that you’re, basically, still a “cave” man or woman? And that if you ate the kind of diet your ancient ancestors did you’d be healthier, look younger, have more muscle mass, more energy and live longer? You may be knitting your eyebrows wondering if all that’s too good to be true, but let me explain why it is. The Paleo-Diet Helps You Lose Weight, Stay Younger and Healthier Even in our technologically advanced age in 2013, the human body is, however, not as advanced.  Your body is, basically, still the same old model humans had during the Paleolithic […]