November 5, 2018

Chia Seed Southwestern Fettuccine

Most Americans are probably familiar with chia pets—clay pots shaped like animals that you fill with chia seeds and water.  The chia seeds sprout and grow green “fur” on the clay pot.  Few people who own those chia pets, however, realize that chia seeds are not only edible—sprouted or not—but they’re also wonderful for your health. The ancient Aztecs of Mexico began eating unsprouted chia seeds over 500 years ago. In the Mayan language, “chia” means “strength.” The tiny seeds come in white or black varieties and are native to Mexico and Guatemala. Today, Mexicans drink chia frescas: chia seeds stirred […]
September 25, 2018

Howdy! Meet the Delicious Superfoods of the Southwest

When we think of the Southwest, what do we picture? Beautiful red rock landscapes. A saguaro cactus silhouetted against a perfect sunset. A bright blue sky with fluffy clouds. A pitcher of Margaritas? Super healthy, age-defying foods probably don’t come to mind. Most of us think of what’s come to be known as Tex-Mex cuisine — lots of cheesy, spicey, tomato-y dishes wrapped in tortillas. Delicious, yes, but good for you? Not so much. But if you dig a little deeper and explore what indigenous people grew and ate in the Southwest, you’ll find there are plenty of foods that […]