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Guard Your Heart, Bones, Memory With Vitamin K2

I frequently discuss the latest vitamin research with my patients to ensure that they are getting the maximum daily allowance.

Keep Your Bones Strong With The Best Exercise

Bones can become weak at any age, but just growing older does put you at higher risk for fractures and/or developing osteoporosis. However, it isn’t a given that you suffer bone loss or weakness as you age. You can continue to have healthy bones long into your golden years if you give them what they really need – the right nutrientsand the right exercise.  Allow me to share with you, then, the best exercise to keep your bones strong and healthy. Work Those Bones    You may think of osteoporosis as more of a “woman’s disease” as TV ads touting certain bone-building drugs […]

Foods That Build Better Bones

We all want strong bones and teeth. As we age, we tend to grow more wary of developing osteoporosis. Exercise, especially weight and resistance training, certainly helps strengthen our bones. Our diet can be a boon to bone health as well. Certain FoodTrients—such as isoflavones and potassium—can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

pH Levels Keep Your Bones Healthy

I encourage my 50-and-older patients to get a bone density test every year. As this test  tells me if they’re losing or maintaining their bone density and strength. The pelvis and femur bones of the hips and upper thighs are especially significant as we get older because they support our body walking and standing and, really, with any activity we do.

Top 10 Crucial Minerals For Your Bones

Many of my over 50 patients ask me how they can keep their bones strong.  Like them, you probably know that calcium is important, and you may have heard, or read, that Vitamin D and vitamin K are also important to bone health. Like many people, you may not know that there are several other key bone nutrients that most people are deficient in.  I’d like to tell you what they are and how you can get the proper amounts of them to ensure that your bones remain strong and healthy. The 10 Crucial Bone Minerals – Are You Deficient? […]

Excess Salt Spells Trouble for Female Bones

I recently had an over 55-aged female patient get a disabling femur (thigh bone) fracture. I was surprised as her recent bone scans showed that she had good bone density for her age.  Yet, I learned later that she also had a high salt intake in her diet and this can spell trouble for older men and women, particularly post menopausal ladies. High Salt Diets Cancel Good Bone Density I was recently surprised to learn that research has proven that post menopausal women are at greater risk for a disabling fracture if they have excessive salt in their diets – […]

These 4 Common Fruits Can Keep Your Bones Strong

You may already be including these fruits in your diet because you like them.  But if not, you’ll want to be sure to eat more of them because, as you’ll see, they are particularly good at maintaining bone health.  Here they are… 1.  Apples.  Yes, the humble little apple that, now that it’s fall, is pretty plentiful.  You’ve probably heard or read about antioxidants and how important they are to your overall health.  They fight free radicals from damaging your DNA and making you more susceptible to the bad diseases of aging like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even cancer.  Apples, […]

Give Your Bones Better Strength With This Surprising Nutrient

I’m sure you have heard throughout your life that drinking milk…builds strong bones. Even as kid myself my mother constantly drowned me with glasses of milk! And I’m happy she did. It’s true that calcium is important to your bone health. So is vitamin D, but new research shows that we’ve all overlooked an important nutrient for bone health. And it’s not some obscure mineral or a new vitamin. It’s actually something doctors recommend highly for your heart and your brain. The name of this miracle nutrient is Omega-3 fatty acids. And surprisingly your bones will also benefit from it too. Let Me Help […]

How to Save Your Bones with Vitamin C

When you think of taking care of your bone health, you probably think of trying to get enough calcium through dairy, certain vegetables, or supplements.  Yet you may not know that your bones also have another ally that can help them stay just as healthy as calcium does.  You may even be drinking it every day in your juice or getting it through other foods or supplements.   What is this ally? Let me tell you about it… Vitamin C and Your Bones A recent study out of Mount Sinai Hospital (New York)’s Bone Program reported that Vitamin C can be […]

Seafood Is a Recipe for Building Bones

Bone-building protein is in abundant supply in meats and dairy products, such as yogurt and cream. Seafood also has plenty of protein per square inch. Seafood chowder with cream and potatoes is very good for bone health. Beans are an excellent vegetarian source of protein. A lentil and kale salad is a significant source of both protein and calcium. You can even combine all of the above nutrients into a bone-building recipe or two. Try making a seafood gumbo with beans, collard greens, and miso paste. Or create a fruit salad of kiwi fruit, figs, apricots, and bananas to spoon […]