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Weight Loss the FoodTrients Way

Losing weight is never easy, but for many of us, it is a step toward improved health and longevity. The first thing we have to conquer is the fear of feeling hungry. Hunger tells us that we are eating fewer calories than we normally do. This is a good sign on your road to weight loss: The more comfortable we are with feeling hungry, the likelier we are to succeed at losing weight. There are many tricks we can use to reduce calories while keeping our stomachs feeling full. A recent study re-confirms the need to eat breakfast when trying […]

Green Coffee Bean Extract Shows Weight Loss Potential

Looking to lose a little weight? If that’s the case, according to a recently published clinical trial, you should try green coffee bean. Now, we’re not talking about drinking tons of coffee to increase caffeine intake, which can also help to lose weight — this is something different. What we’re talking about with this study is an extract derived from green coffee beans. These young coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant currently known for helping to tame blood sugar spikes. As it turns out, that samechlorogenic acid may also be able to help you drop some pounds. Pretty convenient, […]

Viagra May Aid Weight Loss by Altering Fat Cells

Researchers in Germany may have

Hypnosis May Help With Weight Loss

Tired of reading about yet another fad diet that’s a surefire way to lose weight? Maybe the answer for overweight women and men is not what they eat, but what they think. Hypnosis could be the best way to lose weight quickly. “When everything else has failed, people have lost their weight and kept it off because of hypnosis,” said Drake Eastburn, Director of Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center, which offers hypnosis weight loss consultation in their office, by phone and by Skype. “Hypnosis makes the entire process enjoyable. And, if one’s commitment is genuine and includes positive participation with the therapist, […]

Fast Diet Is Mosley’s Weight Loss Program

  The Fast Diet, a how-to diet book by Dr. Michael Mosley asks one question: “is it possible to eat normally, five days a week, and become slimmer and healthier as a result?” His answer is yes. After a checkup at his doctor’s office, Mosley was stunned—as a doctor himself—at the terrible results.  Slightly over-weight, high cholesterol, and heading towards diabetes, Dr. Mosley realized it was time for change. He tried a calorie restriction diet, but this was too strict of a lifestyle to follow.  Soon after, he was introduced to Intermittent Fasting, and this caught his attention. Experimenting and […]

The Secret to Weight Loss? You Already Have It!

Losing weight isn’t easy for anyone. Yes, someone can drop 100 pounds in the course of a television season, but a typical person isn’t going to have a slew of weight-loss gurus following her every move…and her every pound. But here’s the secret:

Obesity and Weight Loss

A startling 60 – 75% of the adult population in the United States is overweight or obese (American Heart Assc. 2012). Around the world, the prevalence of obesity has nearly doubled from 1980 to 2008 (Stevens 2012).

Blueberry Polyphenols: Boost Weight Loss

You can count on this newsletter to keep you informed about research findings of natural products that your doctor may not know about, or has deemed useless, choosing to uphold the status quo of the prescription drug dominated “medical establishment”.  So, here I’d like to tell you about the useful health benefits of a common fruit in fighting diabetes as well as halting the progression of metabolic syndrome – a close relative. The Common Blueberry Can Help Diabetes Research findings about the ability of the polyphenol compounds in blueberries (and certain other fruits) to fight diabetes, and other degenerative diseases, […]

Weight Loss Calorie Burning Foods?

Here’s another wonderful myth out there. The idea that there are actual foods out there that ‘help’ you lose weight. That by some sheer miracle, when you eat these foods the weight melts off your body. Everything from ‘fat burning‘ foods, to the infamous ‘negative calorie‘ foods. Both of these ‘advertisements’ are trying to convince you that it takes more energy to consume these foods or the food itself is boosting your ‘fat burning ability’ (your metabolism). So you either have to burn more calories to consume the food in question than the amount of calories the food possesses (the […]