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Holistic Approach Renders Coach Cancer Free

After accepting the head coaching position with the Marin Catholic High football program in the spring of 2010, Mazi Moayed was understandably excited. He was taking over a team which had just played for a state championship and which appeared positioned for future success as well.

Chef’s Cancer Inspires A Healthy Diet

Chemotherapy took its toll on

Does Vitamin E Prevent Breast Cancer?

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What Are the 7 Top Foods To Fight Cancer?

I have long believed that people can transform their health with the foods they eat. I encourage patients with a wide array of conditions to examine their diets in addition to using traditional treatments and medicines. For some, adopting a healthy diet full of produce, whole grains and lean protein can improve symptoms through weight loss. For people with certain diseases, choosing foods with unique, wellness-promoting qualities can provide a major boost to their health. For those seeking to actively prevent cancer, the foods you eat can bring big health benefits. Countless studies have been done on the effects of different diets or […]

How to Eat When Battling Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is probably just about the scariest news anyone could ever receive in their life. It can also be very confusing. There’s tons of information to weed through and it’s very easy to become overwhelmed, scared, and discouraged.

Processed Meat Leads To Colon Cancer?

As a doctor, I’m always telling my patients to pay closer attention to what they eat to decrease their risk of heart and other diseases.  Lately, I’ve been telling them to watch how much of this particular type of food they eat to decrease their risk of both heart and colon disease.  Let me tell you why eating too much of this food can be risky for your health… Over 40 Grams of Processed Meats A Day Raises Your Risk  Who doesn’t love a good hot dog, salami or ham sandwich from the deli? And who doesn’t love a good […]

Block Center Takes Integrative Approach to Cancer

Block Center Takes Integrative Approach to Cancer The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment and Optimal Health  has been helping their patients find wellness for over 30 years. Based in Skokie, Illinois, the Block Center uses a many-pronged approach to healing. One of the cornerstones of their treatment approach is their Nutrition Program. Each patient gets a customized Nutrition Guide based on his/her specific health status and personal goals. Patients are also encouraged to adopt a regimen of taking vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements. They are given techniques for body conditioning and stress relief. They are given psychosocial support. And, […]