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Supplements – Take Out Some Nutritional Insurance

Like myself, and most of my patients, you probably have insurance policies on many things – your house, your car, your health, and, most importantly, your life.  Why? Because they give you peace of mind.  They cover, and perhaps even prevent, possible problems that might occur that could cost you a fortune to solve – even cause you to go bankrupt. In the same way, taking supplements – vitamins, minerals, certain herbs on occasion – are like taking out a nutritional insurance policy for yourself.  Like all your other insurances, I feel that supplements offer additional peace of mind that […]

Anti-Inflammatory foods

Does Your Diet Include the Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods?

The New Year is just beginning and many of you have resolved to make some healthy changes in your life.  Some of you may want to lose a few pounds, or plan to get more exercise, which are both important changes to make. However, you may not be aware that one of the easiest, yet most important things, you can do to create a healthier you is to change your diet.  That’s right. By simply adding more of the right foods to your diet, and decreasing the wrong ones, you can dial down your risk for getting serious disease and […]

Hot Tea: A Steamy Love Story

Serving and enjoying hot tea is a daily ritual in many countries. Most Brits wouldn’t dream of skipping their 4 p.m. cuppa. Good for them, because black tea contains the FoodTrient catechins, as well as flavonoids, theaflavins, and magnesium.

chia seeds in bowl

Chia Seeds: Health Benefit Pros And Cons

Many of you may not have known much about chia until it became a household word about a decade ago when chia “pets” were everywhere.  Remember those terra-cotta plant holders in the shape of an animal that grew chia plants out the top of the head? Chia seeds have actually been around since the days of the Aztec civilization when they were used for food, medicine, and currency and were highly valued. Modern health researchers have found that those same chia seeds have a lot of health benefits.  They can also have a few health drawbacks so I’d like to […]

Possible Link Found Between Salt, Autoimmune Disease

A high-salt diet may be a risk factor for autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), according to three papers published in the journal Nature on Wednesday.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Trying to get a good night’s sleep can be

Depression: Not A Normal Part of Getting Old

If Grandpa is sleeping more and eating less

New Studies Link Tart Cherries to Bone Health

Research has long established the anti-inflammatory benefits of tart cherries, often linked to the fruit’s powerful red compounds called anthocyanins. According to new studies presented today at the prestigious Experimental Biology annual conference in Boston, MA., tart cherries could also have surprising new benefits – helping support strong bones and reducing stroke-related complications. The studies found: — Reduced Risk of Bone Loss: In a first-of-its-kind study at Oklahoma State University, researchers found that adding Montmorency tart cherries to the diet reduced age-related bone loss in mice – increasing bone density and showing signs of increased bone-building during aging.1 Osteoporosis and […]

SOD: Do You Know About This Powerful Antioxidant?

In the last several years, researchers have learned unequivocally that the process we normally think of as “aging” is really a process of disease-states taking hold on the body.  The typical diseases of aging – diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and even cancer – can all be outgrowths of free radical damage that sets cellular aging in place.

Superbugs Invade Our Meats

Recently the Environmental Working Group analyzed the latest research and government tests of supermarket meat to ferret out the truth about superbugs in meat. What they found were strands of antibiotic-resistant bacteria—so called “superbugs” that can trigger foodborne illness and