April 11, 2023

Alternative Flours Are Springing Up All Over

The demand for alternative flours has never been greater, and food companies are delivering. As I see it, there are several reasons for this including the fact that many people are avoiding gluten, which is the protein in wheat flour. It can cause gastric distress in some individuals with celiac disease and many other people feel their energy level and well-being improve by avoiding gluten. Whatever the reason consumers are flocking to alternative flours, there are scores of delicious new flours and meals to replace traditional wheat ones. At the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA, last month, the FoodTrients […]
February 16, 2021

5 Paleo Flours for the Holiday Season

Sticking to a paleo diet can be difficult during the holidays. Between pies, sweets and gluten-heavy dishes, paleo dieters are left with few indulgences at parties and feasts. Here are five paleo-friendly flours that can make awesome alternatives to traditional, carb- and gluten-heavy all-purpose flour. Almond flour Also known as almond meal, almond flour is made from skinned almonds that are ground into a fine flour that can be great for baking. Not only is this ingredient great for paleo dieters, it’s a readily available option for those abstaining from gluten or avoiding too many carbs. Almond flour maintains an […]
June 17, 2020

15 Innovative Grain-Based Products To Try

Despite today’s strong grain-free movement, many people still embrace grain-containing products.