March 21, 2017

New Campaign Will Make Food Safer

WASHINGTON – Every five years, the government passes an almost-trillion-dollar piece of legislation that profoundly impacts food and farm policy. For decades, big agribusiness has dominated the process, with its interests taking precedence over public health and the environment. Today, to reclaim the debate, the Environmental Working Group and Food Policy Action Education Fund are launching the Plate of the Union campaign. It aims to awaken a new audience of American consumers to become activists for policies that make food safer, make healthy food more accessible and make food production better for our environment. The new initiative will deploy grassroots […]
August 8, 2016

The Ten “Super” Foods for a Well-stocked Kitchen

What is a “superfood”? Most doctors and nutritionists will say that there is no scientific definition of “superfood,” that it is a marketing buzzword applied to foods that are good for you. Functional medicine specialist Dr. Marsha Nunley, founder of H.E.A.L. Medical, agrees but says: “While it is true that there is no legal or medical specification for a ‘superfood,’ it is without question that there are foods that are high in healthful nutrients and adding them to your diet may reduce your risk of chronic disease and improve your overall health and well-being.” Superfoods are packed with combinations of […]
July 24, 2016

EWG Reveals 16,000 Foods That May Contain BPA

WASHINGTON––For consumers who want to avoid bisphenol A, EWG today unveiled an easily searchable database of more than 16,000 food and beverage items that may come in cans, bottles or jars containing the hormone-disrupting chemical, better known as BPA. The list was compiled from a little-known food industry inventory and is now available at EWG’s Food Scores database. BPA acts like estrogen in the body and is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children in critical stages of development. Independent scientific studies link it to cancer, infertility, diabetes, obesity and brain, nerve and heart disorders, and it’s just been listed […]
December 14, 2015

What Exactly Makes Up A Healthy Diet?

Put 20 of the world’s top nutrition scientists in a room together and what do you get? A 90-minute debate about what a vegetable is and, specifically, whether tubers such as potatoes fit in that category. While the scientists couldn’t come to a consensus on potatoes at the recent Oldways conference, they did — finally — provide clarity overall on what we’re supposed to eat as part of a healthful diet: more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low- or non-fat dairy, seafood, legumes and nuts. The group also recommended moderate alcohol consumption, with lower consumption of red and processed meats, sugar-sweetened […]
September 23, 2014

The Little-Known Longevity Factor in the Japanese Diet

Over the past decade, a quiet revolution in aging research has unfolded, its focus centered on little-known molecules known as fucoidans. These molecules play a crucial role across a broad range of physiological mechanisms. Fucoidans are found almost exclusively in certain kinds of seaweed. Their anti-aging potential emerged in several analyses of the Japanese diet, particularly among inhabitants of the island of Okinawa, long known for its high concentration of people at least a century old (centenarians). Virtually no one in the West obtains enough of these critical molecules, which have been shown to facilitate tissue regeneration, immune function, and cell-to-cell communication. In this article, you will discover how fucoidans work to combat cancer, […]
September 16, 2014

Ashwagandha: Mysterious Ancient Herb

Ashwagandha, an exotic Indian herb, has remarkable stress-relieving properties comparable to those of powerful drugs used to treat depression and anxiety. In addition to its excellent protective effects on the nervous system, ashwagandha may be a promising alternative treatment for a variety of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Ashwagandha has powerful antioxidant properties that seek and destroy the free radicals that have been implicated in aging and numerous disease states. Even more remarkable, emerging evidence suggests that ashwagandha has anti-cancer benefits as well. Powerful Protective Effects on the Nervous System Stress, environmental toxins, and poor nutrition all have […]
July 22, 2014

Benefits of Calorie Restriction without Chronic Hunger

The most significant anti-aging discovery in history was made in 1935. In that year, rats fed a calorie restricted diet achieved radically-extended mean and maximum life spans, along with a delayed onset of age-related diseases. Since this finding was published 75 years ago, dozens of experiments in mammals have validated that undernutrition without malnutrition induces profound anti-aging effects. Not only do calorie restricted animals live much longer, but they remain far healthier than normally-fed controls. When a group of humans consumed a similar calorie restricted diet, their conventional blood markers of aging (excess glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL) plummeted to much lower levels. In the most significant finding to date, two groups of […]
June 10, 2014

Is This Old Supplement The New Key To Osteoporosis?

You’ve likely heard about melatonin.  It’s a supplement that’s been around for a few decades now.  It was originally touted as a cure for jet lag and even everyday insomnia. Yet, further research on melatonin revealed that it’s benefits were much more extensive than a sleep aid.  Recently researchers in Toronto have uncovered yet another benefit of melatonin that has special importance to older people and their bones.  Here’s what they found… Is Melatonin The New Key To Osteoporosis? As I mentioned above, we’ve known for a few decades now how great melatonin is for helping with sleep disorders.  But […]
March 28, 2011

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