April 24, 2023

Mushroom Medley

This side dish pairs well with chicken or beef or game meats. You can use almost any variety of mushrooms in any combination. I leave the small mushrooms whole because they look nicer that way, but you can chop them if you prefer. Mushrooms contain selenium, an antioxidant that boosts immune function and reduces cancer risk. Beta glucans in mushrooms boost the immune system. Mushrooms are also a good source of vitamin D, for strong bones. You can learn more about the incredible benefits of mushrooms in my blog on Miraculous Mushrooms. Serves 2-4 Ingredients 1 cup shiitake mushrooms 1 […]
April 16, 2019

Six of the Best Foods To Fight Illness

The weather has changed again and like a magic carpet, it seems to always bring illness with it.  So, you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid getting sick.  Luckily, Nature gave us a multitude of foods that really can boost your immune system and keep you well.  Here are 6 of them… Six of The Best Foods Nature Gave Us To Fight Illness A strong and healthy immune system is your #1 defense against viral and bacterial illnesses that are so common when the seasons change.  People are more apt to get upper respiratory infections (URI) in the […]