October 6, 2020

The Happy, Healthy Benefits of Hemp

Hemp products abound on the market right now. This trendy plant product can be found in many forms: oil, seeds, granola and cereal, non-dairy milk, in makeup and hair products, ground into a powder or flour, and as a clothing fiber or building material. Hemp is in fact an ancient domesticated crop with a complicated recent history. A cousin of the marijuana plant, which is consumed medicinally and recreationally, hemp is a different type of product completely. With federal limits on how much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be in a hemp product (currently 0.3%), this product cannot be used to achieve […]
April 22, 2020

Six Ways To Balance Nutrition When Avoiding Certain Foods

Specialized eating plans are no longer that “special.” In a recent Nielsen survey, 31 percent
April 30, 2019

The Positive Effects of Nutrition on One’s Vision

While many individuals understand that nutrition and exercise play an important role in helping to prevent
September 25, 2018

Getting Enough Iron Is Important At Every Age

Getting proper nutrition can be difficult as a person ages, but losing some nutrients could have lasting effects. Anemia is a common condition among older adults, but it is also frequently overlooked. About one in five adults over the age of 65 may suffer from anemia. Anemia is characterized by low levels of red blood cells, which can cause a number of symptoms like weakness and fatigue. It can be caused by improper nutrition or some medical conditions. Untreated, low levels of iron could have long-lasting effects. Here are four things to know about iron deficiency and how to treat […]
September 4, 2018

These 3 Healthy Habits Fight Mental Decline

One of the biggest fears my patients have about getting older is losing their mental sharpness.  But, the truth is, mental decline is not a “given” of getting older.  Rather, it’s a consequence, or the end result, of not safeguarding your overall health.  That’s why I’d like to tell you about 3 simple ways you can greatly reduce your risk of mental decline… Slow Mental Decline 3 Simple Ways When I tell my patients that they likely take better care of their cars than their own health, they laugh.  But, then they think about it a moment and agree that […]
December 5, 2017

Grace O Speaks About Cancer Prevention

On November 2, Author Grace O was the featured speaker at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of the USC Keck Medicine complex. She was invited there to speak about her cookbooks and her FoodTrients website to Keck physicians and staff along with cancer survivors and their supporters. Grace O told the crowd of over 75 people in the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute Seminar Room about how she began her journey with food and its healing properties. She spoke of the influence her parents had on her while growing up. She talked about her adventuresome palate and her willingness to […]
September 5, 2017

Groups Sue FDA to Protect Food Safety

Today, consumer, health, and food safety groups challenged a Food and Drug Administration rule that undermines the integrity of our food safety system. Chemical and food manufacturers often seek to add chemicals to processed food, typically to enhance flavor, add nutrients or prevent spoilage. Chemicals also often leach into foods from processing equipment and packaging. While Congress has required that the FDA itself determine that chemical additives are safe before they can be used on food, the FDA rule allows manufacturers to decide for and by themselves – in secret – what can be added to processed foods. The groups […]
June 13, 2017

Nutrition and Addiction

Many of the most widely used treatment interventions for addiction engage with the psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of the problem. It is absolutely important to address all of the aspects that contribute to health, and when it comes to physical, mental, and emotional wellness nutrition is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. It is increasingly being recognized that there is a close, exacerbating relationship between problematic substance use and poor nutrition. Addiction destroys the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. Drug and alcohol abuse can cause nutritional deficiencies and issues with digestion. Users often have depleted […]
May 3, 2017

Meet a Radical New Approach To Beauty

When it comes to Radical Beauty, the latest book from Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Kimberly Snyder, C.N., there is absolutely no space for comparison or competition. Each of us is here to express our highest beauty, which no one else’s beauty can diminish. You can achieve Radical Beauty by following the six Radical Beauty Pillars: Pillar 1: Internal Nourishment Pillar 2: External Nourishment Pillar 3: Peak Beauty Sleep Pillar 4: Primal Beauty Pillar 5: Beautiful Movement Pillar 6: Spiritual Beauty All of the Pillars work together to round out the Radical Beauty lifestyle that will allow you to express your highest […]