March 6, 2022

Salt – The Good, the Bad, the Benefits!

Salt has been one of the most vilified substances in the world of food. Too much of it can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. There is way too much of it in processed foods. It can cause water retention and bloating. These things can be true, but there can be an even greater danger in not getting enough salt. Salt is also an important seasoning tool that puts the finishing touch on most dishes. I need to watch how much salt I put in my food so I try to boost flavors with other spices, but […]
June 6, 2021

Oh La La! The Fabulous Flavors of France

Over the past year, FoodTrients has been exploring foods and flavors from around the globe. This week, we take a look at the flavors of France as part of our new series on the world of foods, herbs and spices that help create some of the distinctive dishes we have featured, and the age-defying benefits they deliver. France is known for its elegant cuisine that is unlike any other. Not only is food an important part of French culture, but wine is considered a staple as well. France is well known for their wine all around the world and pairing […]
May 14, 2019

These 4 Things Can Help Preserve Your Bone Health

Like many of my patients, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your bones stronger as you get
November 27, 2018

Alert: Are You Salting Yourself Sick?

Americans love their salt. It’s in all our processed, packaged and restaurant foods, and we add even more of it to our food as we eat it at the table. Although salt is a necessary nutrient to human health, and a certain amount of it is essential for your good health, you may not know that Americans are eating twice as much salt than is recommended by healthcare professionals.  One of the best, most immediate things you can do to improve your health is to better manage your salt intake.  Let me tell you why and give you some suggestions how […]
June 12, 2018

Excess Salt Spells Trouble for Female Bones

I recently had an over 55-aged female patient get a disabling femur (thigh bone) fracture. I was surprised as her recent bone scans showed that she had good bone density for her age.  Yet, I learned later that she also had a high salt intake in her diet and this can spell trouble for older men and women, particularly post menopausal ladies. High Salt Diets Cancel Good Bone Density I was recently surprised to learn that research has proven that post menopausal women are at greater risk for a disabling fracture if they have excessive salt in their diets – […]
May 1, 2018

Top Holistic Tips for Clean Exfoliation

It’s no surprise that skin, the body’s largest organ, requires regular maintenance to be its healthiest—but what’s the secret to success? Exfoliating can create the foundation for a skin-nourishing natural beauty regimen. “Exfoliation is incredibly important for radiant, youthful-looking skin, and I find that women are either not exfoliating enough, or they’re exfoliating incorrectly and irritating or sensitizing their skin,” says Jolene Hart, a certified beauty and healthy coach and author of Eat Pretty (Chronicle, 2014). When done properly, the process removes dead skin cells and supports healthy circulation. But the products you choose—and how often you use them—are key […]
November 20, 2017

The Salt Fix – Did the Experts Get It Wrong?

We’ve all heard the recommendation: eat no more than a teaspoon of salt a day for a healthy heart. But there’s one big problem with this: the vast majority of us don’t need to eat low-salt diets. In fact, for most of us, more salt would be better for our health, rather than less — not to mention, much tastier. Now, Dr. James DiNicolantonio’s new book, The Salt Fix: Why the Experts Got It All Wrong—and How Eating More Might Save Your Life, reveals the incredible, often baffling story of how salt became unfairly demonized—a never-before-told, century-spanning drama of competing […]
October 3, 2017

Salt Is a Must-Have, But How Much?

Common salt is in fact a bit more complex than many people think it is. Table salt with iodine, Himalayan salt, Sea salt – what’s the difference? Crucial for life because of its role in nerve and muscle function as well as in fluid and electrolyte balance, salt is a must-have. But in the modern diet we often focus on restriction because intake is generally high. It wasn’t always that way. Whole, natural, unprocessed food is very low in sodium and well balanced with potassium found in fresh produce. Early humans and those without access to processed foods may have […]
May 28, 2014

Study Proves It: Salt and Obesity Linked To Premature Aging

If I told you that by cutting out that salty bag of chips or pretzels every day at lunch will help you live longer, would you believe me?  As hard to believe as that may be, it’s true. Too much salt in your diet has recently been found to be associated with faster cellular aging.  Let me tell you more about it… Slow Aging Simply:  Cut Salt Intake, Watch Weight A couple months ago, researchers at Georgia Regents University conducted a study on whether high salt intake contributed to cellular aging.   For their test subjects, they zeroed in on teenagers […]