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Try 10 of the Best Heart-Healthy Nutrients

You may already know that cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in men and women in the United States today.  As such, you may be trying to improve, or maintain, your heart health. It’s really not that difficult if you understand that your heart, like the rest of your body, stays its healthiest with the food you put in it. With that in mind, I’d like to tell you about 10 of the best heart-healthy nutrients you can include in your diet to help make your heart its strongest. The Best Nutrients to Feed Your Heart First, it’s […]

Coffee’s Surprising Heart Benefits

If you’re one of the 150 million Americans that drink coffee on a daily basis, we have good news for you. Despite decades of medical advice from organizations like the American Heart Association that coffee may be bad for your heart, breaking research has proven that moderate coffee consumption offers powerful protection against heart failure and stroke.


Get Heart Healthy Olive Oil

I like to stay abreast of nutritional information and research that can impact your heart for better or worse. I like to pass along this information to my patients, as well as my readers, in an effort to keep your hearts as healthy as possible. Recently, some surprising information on the authenticity of the olive oil that you may be buying came across my desk. As I recommend olive oil to keep the heart healthy, the information in this report was disturbing.  Let me tell you about this and what you can do about it. Get Heart Healthy Olive Oil […]

Heart-Healthy Foods Help You Live Longer

The health of our arteries is so important for longevity. More people in the U.S. die from inflamed arteries (which can lead to heart attack and stroke) than from cancer or any other disease.

8 Foods That Can Help You Avoid A Stroke or Heart Attack!

I have some patients who have to take statins – cholesterol lowering drugs – at least for a while.  Their former diets of too much animal fat contributed to high “bad” LDL and too low “good” HDL.  In addition, adding too much refined sugar to this mix created inflammation throughout their bodies – and as a result, they developed plaque buildup in their arteries.

Stress, Heart Health and the Holidays

At this time of year with several big holidays approaching, like many of my patients, you may feel overwhelmed with too much to do and are starting to feel cranky and out of sorts.  Along with all the usual responsibilities of jobs, family routines, etc., this season brings the added pressure of financial concerns from holiday spending. In addition, friends and family that we may not have seen in a while show up in our lives again, relationship issues may become magnified, and our emotions run the gamut between joy and anger.  Add those concerns to overeating high salty and […]

Your Love of Sweets Could Be Souring Your Heart

  I’m always counseling my patients on a heart-healthy diet. They’re often surprised to learn that the worst offender is not what they’ve always thought – fat.  No, in fact, more and more research has shown that the amount of refined, unnatural sugar in your diet is the real culprit of damaging heart health. So, I’d like to share with you what I tell my patients about the damage that their love of sweets is doing to their heart – and the rest of them. Your Love of Sweets Is Souring Your Heart Health We all like a sweet treat once […]

Hemp for a Healthy Heart?

The word cannabis stirs a lot of emotion in people today — some positive and plenty negative. But whatever your beliefs are, one thing is for sure: There are definitely health benefits to these plants. Despite all the legal issues and controversy surrounding cannabis, we decided to look at the heart health benefits of hemp seeds. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised. Interested in what we found? Then let’s dive in. Hemp Oil Contains Omega-3s, Sterols, and Oleic Acid In a recent study, Spanish researchers analyzed the chemical composition of hemp seed oil and found a mix of heart-healthy compounds. […]

Healthy Heart, Long Life

A healthy heart is key to a long life. When I say this to my patients many of them protest that avoiding cancer or protecting your brain is just is important. While they have a point, I stand by my statement. The reason I feel so strongly about heart health is that I’ve seen time and time again that people who take good care of their hearts tend to avoid other deadly, chronic diseases like liver disease, many cancers, and Alzheimer’s. The steps you take to improve your heart health will have a great impact on your overall health. And […]

4 Uncommon Ways To Protect Your Heart

Like many of my patients, you’re thinking more about ways you can prevent, or improve, heart disease. And, you’ve been pretty good about using the most common ways:  Diet, exercise, controlling weight and better managing stress. But, there are also 4 off-the-radar things you can do to protect your heart. Some of these you may already be doing every day and others may surprise you… 4 Uncommon Ways To Protect Your Heart If you’ve read my newsletter articles regularly, you’ve learned a lot about how to protect your heart through the most commonly used methods.  You may have also learned […]