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What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Most diabetics do not know what causes high blood pressure. Diabetes is very closely linked to high blood pressure – a condition also known as hypertension. It is estimated that about 75% of adults that have diabetes also have high blood pressure and that a person with diabetes is about twice as likely to get high blood pressure as someone without diabetes. Discover what causes high blood pressure. Start today to change those risk factors you can control. Always prefer to use digital blood pressure monitor for monitoring blood pressure level. High blood pressure occurs when arteries become filled with […]

Alert: Are You Salting Yourself Sick?

Americans love their salt. It’s in all our processed, packaged and restaurant foods, and we add even more of it to our food as we eat it at the table. Although salt is a necessary nutrient to human health, and a certain amount of it is essential for your good health, you may not know that Americans are eating twice as much salt than is recommended by healthcare professionals.  One of the best, most immediate things you can do to improve your health is to better manage your salt intake.  Let me tell you why and give you some suggestions how […]

Part II: The 16 Worst Food Additives & How To Avoid Them

In Part I, I told you about some surprisingly good, non-harmful food additives that are in many of the foods that you may currently enjoy.  The good news is that you don’t have to give those foods up. On the flip side of that coin, though, there are some bad food additives that I recommend you stay away from.  Here’s what you should know… Does Your Favorite Food Contain These Bad Additives? You may have been eating a particular food for so many years that you never really stopped to read the label of what it actually contains. Now, some […]

Fructose And Your Blood Pressure – Watch Out!

Many of my patients battle high blood pressure.  In treating these patients, I like to rule out that there is nothing in their lifestyles that may be causing their BP to stay elevated.  These things can include too much stress, alcohol, too much salty food and, surprisingly, too much fructose – or fruit sugar.  That’s right – let me explain why. Fructose and Your Blood Pressure Recent research has found that people who consumed about 74 grams of fructose (about 4, 12 ounce non-diet soft drinks) a day had elevated, or borderline elevated blood pressures.  Fructose, a sugar derived from fruit, […]

Keep Heavy Metals At Bay With These Detox Methods

In prior articles, I’ve talked about the benefits of regular detoxing from toxins that you’re exposed to from multiple sources.  These include the water you drink, air you breathe, the food you eat, chemicals you may come in contact with, medications you take, etc. Reducing the toxic load on your liver – your body’s main toxin filter – of one of the most damaging heavy metals – mercury – will not only help you get and stay healthier, but you’ll have more energy, and look and feel better.  Here’s how… I.  Re-Energize Your Immune System with Internal Cleansing         You know how […]

So, How Old Are You?

As a doctor who’s actively involved in anti-aging medicine research and do-able anti-aging techniques for my patients, I’m always interested in helping my patients stay feeling, and living, as youthful as possible.  Did you know that your mental perception of your age can make a big difference in how young, or old, you really feel and behave? Let me share with you some interesting findings by psychologists about your real age versus how old you feel. Is Your Inner Age the Same as Your Outer Age? I’ve noticed in my own patients that those who were relatively healthy, financially and socially […]

Do I Need to Detox?

My birthday falls on December 31, so often I throw lavish parties on New Year’s Eve. I book a banquet room in an upscale hotel; order a rich, multicourse menu for about 100 people; and end the night with a spectacular dessert buffet. I don’t drink alcohol, but I make sure that the Champagne is free-flowing for my guests. So we tend to overdo it. And the next day I always think about detoxification. Sometimes I’ll even book some time at a health spa to recover from all the indulging I’ve done over the holidays. Why is detoxifying important? Alcohol […]

Beets: The Vegetable with Anti-Aging Properties

If you’re past 50, you may be wondering what you can do to return the youthful glow to your skin.  As a dermatologist, I know that there are several things you can use on your skin topically to make it look younger, but the #1 thing that influences the way your skin looks is what you put in your body.  So, I’d like to tell you about a common vegetable with some uncommon skin and overall anti-aging benefits that you can reap today! Look Younger, Protect Your Heart and Brain with Beet Juice Researchers are finding out more and more […]

Your Bladder: Keep It Naturally Healthy and Strong

Every now and then a patient will come in with symptoms of a urinary tract infection. They tell me that maybe

Detoxing: Ultimate Body Tune-Up

When I was growing up, my aunt taught me the value of cleansing my body from toxic substances to prevent illness and help in the healing process. Today we know that uric acid can build up in our joints.