March 12, 2024

Gluten-Free Snacks We Can’t Resist

With the gluten-free food industry as booming as ever, there are new snacks popping up at the grocery store at an alarming rate. The food industry has been doing their best to answer the desires of many consumers who want their snacks to be three things: gluten-free, relatively healthy, and delicious. Our team of snackers did all of the grueling groundwork and have compiled a list of our favorite gluten-free snacks that recently made their debut. Wait until you get to the end of the list before rushing out to the grocery store – every single one is worth trying. […]
May 29, 2019

3 Best Mid-Morning Snacks for Busy People

*Grumble* *Grumble* *Grumble* Yes, that’s your stomach talking to you – and anyone around you that can
June 6, 2017

Grazing Grows Your Belly and Threatens Your Liver

It’s been my experience, that the most effective diets are those that use a kind of “old school” method of fighting fat.  Now, new research out of The Netherlands has proven why.  Let me tell you what they’ve learned. “3-Squares” – The Best Way To Lose That Belly All the diet information out there can be confusing – and contradictory – when you’re trying to lose weight, especially that stubborn belly.  Some promise you can “eat all the foods you love” – even sugary desserts – and still lose all your excess fat.   Others say it’s best to stick to […]
May 2, 2017

5 Easy Steps Towards Healthier Eating Habits

If you’re pressed on time and are just curious about simple steps you can take to improve your eating habits, read on – even the busiest person can benefit from this list of 5 easy steps towards healthier eating habits. Eat Those Fruits And Veggies! Seriously! Fruits and vegetables are like, insanely good for you. They’re loaded with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that you need for a healthy body. And here’s the best part – by weight, most fruits and vegetables contain about 4x fewer calories than grains, starches, and meats! That means you get to eat more – and […]
February 9, 2016

5 Best Snacks To Get You Through Long Work Shifts

Whether you love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: 12-hour shifts make for a long day or night.
May 20, 2015

10 Tips To Fill Your Tummy

By Marijke Durning at Oh boy…it’s 3am and you have the urge to snack. So what can you do about these hunger pangs  without adding a pile of calories to your daily allotment? First of all, although we were taught to eat three square meals per day, grazing-eating small amounts often-is actually healthier for your body. The trick is to be sure that you don’t overdo the grazing! Second, when looking for snack foods, although the sugary stuff is often handy, it’s best to choose foods that have fat, fiber and protein. This will give your body fuel to stay on […]
April 21, 2015

The Nightshift Eating Checklist

Eating healthfully on the night shift to optimize your energy levels and ‘feel fueled’ is its own science. Here are some quick tips and ideas for brown bag meals that will help you avoid the drowsy ‘post-lunch’ feeling when you’re working through the night.   Instead of having a large meal, have several quick, healthy snacks. Remember that your body’s normal digestive rhythm can also be disrupted by shift work, resulting in indigestion and heartburn, which can awaken you and keep you up when you’re trying to sleep. Eat small portions to include two meals and two snacks, eating every two […]