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Baobab: Superfood from the Tree of Life

When I first started looking for a U.S. source for baobab four years ago, the market was quite limited, but I was sent several bags of Baobest’s Organic Baobab Powder so I could create recipes for my Age Beautifully Cookbook. The more I looked into the benefits of baobab, the more excited I was to create recipes with the powder. My Baobab Butter Bars are one of my favorites, and I serve them often at parties and events. Today there are more than a dozen companies selling baobab powder on Amazon. The fruit looks almost like a velvet-covered yam dangling […]

Baobab squares

Baobab Butter Squares

These squares are like lemon bars but made with antioxidant-rich baobab. Baobab is an African fruit that has a powdery texture. You can buy it from Amazon or you can use fresh lemon juice (3 Tbs.) or lemon zest (1 Tbs.) instead of the baobab powder. Feel free to substitute gluten-free flour for the wheat-based flour. BENEFITS: Baobab is a good source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that appears to guard against heart disease and stroke and also protects the skin from the aging effects of ultraviolet rays. It contains fiber, which helps with detoxification and gut health. Yields 12 […]

Health Benefits of Baobab

Nutritionists have identified baobab popularly called ‘Kuka’ in Hausa language as one of the foods with health benefits. The tree, which is widely grown in the northern part of the country, is said to be high in fibre , vitamin C and nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus. Baobab fruit is also high in calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, thiamin, B6 and bioflavonoids. It also acts as a prebiotic, that is a type of dietary fibre that feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut. This helps the gut bacteria produce nutrients for your colon cells and leads to a healthier […]

Ribs with baobab sauce

BBQ Ribs with Baobab Sauce

These ribs get their boost of flavor from a sauce made with baobab—an African fruit with a rather dry but antioxidant-rich pulp. I think baobab may be the next most exciting superfood. The dry, powdery fruit pulp has a tangy, lemon-like flavor that goes very well with barbecued ribs. You can use lemon juice or lemon zest (1 Tbs.) in place of the baobab powder, but it won’t have the same health benefits. Serves 4–6 Ingredients 2 lbs. pork baby back ribs 1 cup barbecue sauce 1 Tbs. baobab powder 2 Tbs. olive oil 1 Tbs. minced garlic ¼ tsp. […]

Baobab: Let Me Be Your Sweet Tart Superfood!

When I first saw pictures of the baobab tree, I thought I was looking at an extraterrestrial landscape. About 60 feet tall with fat trunks and at the very top, branches that are bare for nine months of the year, the baobab looks like a regular tree that has been jammed into the ground upside-down with the roots sticking up in the air.

New Roads to Health Event Explores New Therapies

On Wednesday, October 8, San Clarita Valley area doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals participated in the second annual New Roads to Health seminar. The event, which kicked off a series of lectures in the Los Angeles area, was held in honor of the Founders Day celebration of G&E Healthcare Services, and was sponsored by FoodTrients.com in cooperation with Henry Mayo Hospital in Valencia. It was hosted by Grace Mercado Ouano (Grace O) and took place at the state-of-the-art Henry Mayo Education Center. Featuring experts in the fields of nutrition, health and light therapy, the event was held in order […]

What’s Up in Natural Foods for 2015?

The intrepid FoodTrients team braved Southern California freeway traffic, severe parking shortages and wearing out the soles of our walking shoes to explore and evaluate the nearly 1 million square feet of exhibit space at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. This is the largest natural products trade show in the world and this year’s event broke records—more than 2700 exhibitors and over 71,000 registered attendees—up 7% over last year and double just two years ago. As in previous years, it always amazes us to see the level of passion, creativity and innovation at the show. Overview We observed overall […]

FoodTrients Team Tracks Trends from the 2015 Natural Products Expo

General Observations: New Flavors – spicier, more international dishes More Exotic Ingredients (Moringa, Ashwagandha, Baobab, Crickets, Hemp) More Superfood ingredients Earth- and Cause-conscious Simpler, Cleaner, Fresh Ingredients. Even the labels have clean, simple designs. Coconuts are everywhere – in waters, fruit drinks, snack bars, jams and sauces. This superfood is multiplying like crazy and being reimagined in lots of new ways. Protein bars just keep coming – with more exotic flavors and ingredients Kale may not be the “darling” of the food industry but it is now a hugely featured ingredient in many products. Turmeric is popping up everywhere, too, […]

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Entertain with Happy, Healthy, Holiday Dishes

I love to open up my home and invite friends and family over for celebrations. And the holiday season provides irresistible opportunities to throw great parties that people will remember. My first priority is always my guests, and I ensure that they are well fed, entertained, and delighted. Good food is vital to any party. Hungry guests are not happy guests, so I have a wide variety of food available for the duration of the party. During the holidays, a time when people tend to overeat and overindulge, I offer some healthful party fare in addition to seasonal favorites. Give […]