Grace O or Foodtrients featured in the Media

June 10, 2024

Well Spa 360 – Shares FoodTrients Recipe

Health – Summer Recipe: This delicious dish by Grace O, creator of FoodTrients, is rich in inflammation-fighting omegas and antioxidant lycopene—the perfect topping or dip for summer get-togethers! Featured on Well Spa 360. Pecan & Sundried Tomato Tapenade I found the inspiration for this tapenade while at a health spa in Mexico. Of course, I put my own special FoodTrients spin on it to create a great topping for fish and a dip for crackers and bread. The pecans can be toasted or raw. I like to use sundried tomatoes preserved in olive oil. Benefits Pecans contain omega-3 fatty acids, […]
February 21, 2024

The Eden Magazine Shares FoodTrients Recipes

The Eden Magazine Eating vegetarian or vegan is a very per­sonal choice and takes a fair amount of discipline. It means reading labels careful­ly and rethinking most recipes. But there is no reason vegetarian and vegan meals can’t be delicious and full of valuable Food1iients. As an added bonus, vegan dishes are pareve and perfect for those who keep kosher because they contain no ani­mal products. Grace 0, founder, the resource dedicated to the foods and reju­venating nutrients that help us fight the diseases of aging and promote longevity, has created holiday desserts that are all vegan and contain […]
February 20, 2024

Luxe Beat Magazine Features FoodTrients Recipes

Luxe Beat Magazine It’s that time of year when the sun sinks too early and you’re ready to light a fire, or at least scented candles. While we might think longingly back on summer and its exuberant offerings of fresh tomatoes, luscious stone fruit and tender baby greens, it’s time to relish in the bounty of winter vegetables. The winter months give us a number of hearty veggies that provide comfort and superb FoodTrient nutrition, not to mention versatility and great taste. Grace O, founder of, the health and wellness food website, lists the most FoodTrient-packed fresh winter vegetables […]
September 29, 2023


THE METROPOLITAN COOK BOOKS & RECIPES | ITALIAN FALL ‘RIBOLLITA’ AND SKILLET ‘MIXED BERRY GRUNT Tuscan Women Cook Celebrates the Beauty of Stale Bread with a Favorite Italian Fall Vegetable Soup Recipe Italians consider stale bread a preferred ingredient for many popular recipes. The word stale does not conjure up negative connotations in Italy. Rather, cooking with stale bread prevents waste. It is often a better choice in dishes that call for firm, hard bread. When stale bread is toasted, then added to broth, it maintains its shape and absorbs all the flavors, becoming an invaluable addition. Tuscan Women Cook […]
August 10, 2023

Traveling with FoodsTrients to Dublin Ireland

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Dublin Ireland While on our way to Sweden for the Gourmand Awards event in Umea, Grace O and the FoodTrients team stopped in Ireland for tours and tastes of the country. The FoodTrients team was treated to a memorable dining experience at Restaurant Patrick Gilbaud in Dublin. With over 40 years of dining excellence, the food, ambiance and service were impeccable. We enjoyed the Wild Turbot, Native Blue Lobster and Irish Beef, which were served to highlight the rich local offerings. We were so excited to try the Cucumber Foam with Sea Buckthorn, which is an anti-aging […]
June 30, 2023

Mark Alyn Cooks: FoodTrients Veracruz Street Corn Bowl

Mark Alyn Cooks Show We cooked from  “Anti-Aging dishes From Around The World” – Barbara Weller, from FoodTrients® joins us for a fun and easy to make Veracruz Street Corn Bowl. A Vegan dish, it’s packed with nutrients and flavor.   Veracruz Street Corn Bowl Mexican street corn (maíz callejero) is roasted ears slathered with chile powder and mayonnaise. My version treats the corn with a lighter touch, calorically speaking, and includes black beans, brown rice, and the crunch of Romaine and jicama. Benefits: Black beans contain protein, tissue-repairing lysine, vitamin B-6 for producing energy, calcium for building strong bones, […]
June 7, 2023

Anti-Aging Dishes Cookbook Wins Gourmand’s “Best in the World”

Gourmand’s award highlights Grace O’s FoodTrients passion, Grace O’s cookbooks are: “ All based on the principles of FoodTrients, the recipes in Grace O’s book take us on a journey through a world of thousands of cultures, all brought together for healthy eating. A gigantic undertaking in adapting many different culinary traditions for a result that makes you want to take care of yourself and your loved ones by cooking and, above all, by eating together.” – Gourmand 2023 Award for Best Health & Nutrition Book in the World The Gourmand International 2023 Awards With over 100,000 screened books and […]
April 28, 2023

A warm welcome to Umeå Food Symposium 2023

On May 25-28, 2023, some of the world’s leading cookbook authors, photographers and beverage experts will visit Umeå Food Symposium. This year, the organizers, International Gourmand & Hallbars Awards and Umeå municipality, are counting on a doubled number of international guests from around 70 countries. As usual, the theme is sustainability and food and drink culture. (Grace O and the FoodTrients team will be heading to Sweden this month to attend the event and the Gourmand awards. Grace O’s Anti-Aging Dishes from Around the World cookbook has already been named a Gourmand National Winner for Health and Nutrition, and will […]
December 23, 2022

Holistic Healing News – FoodTrients Merry Persimmon Holiday Cookies

From our Publisher Trina Becksted: “Seasons Greetings! We love introducing you, our readers, to fabulous ideas to perk up your tastebuds in a healthy way. That’s why this persimmon cookie recipe tickled our fancies enough to share it with you. We love Grace O’s anti aging cookbook. This recipe is just in the nick of time to satisfy Old St Nick, if you decide to leave cookies out for him. Exotic, healthy and delicious. Indulge with our blessings. Persimmons are rich in vitamins A, B ‘s and C along with potassium and manganese. Let us know how they turned out. […]